Dr.Narmada and Dayananda Kamath Endowment fund scholarship 
Application form -Important Points to be noted by All Applicants
1, Application form should be filled in English and in
legible handwriting and complete in all respects;
incomplete applications are liable to be rejected.

2. Contact telephone / mobile no. are to be provided for
communication regarding any issues on payment of the
scholarship amount and other clarifications.

3. Name of the applicant mentioned in all documents, the bank
passbook, should be identical and same as in the mark list.

4. A photocopy of the relevant pages of the savings bank
account passbook clearly showing the applicant's name, SB
a/c number and the IFSC code of the branch should be
attached along with application.

5. Applications received after the last date notified for
receipt of completed application, will not be accepted.

6. The last date for submitting the completed application will
be 30th· July for class 11th & 30th August for class 12 applicants.
Merit-cum- Means Scholarship Scheme
Promoted and Sponsored by 
Dr. Narmada & Dayanand Kamath Endowment Fund.
For Konkani Linguistic minority students going from class10 to 11  and  class 11 to 12
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Application Form 
1.For students going from class 10 to class 11-
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2. For Renewal of scholarship Class 12 students only-
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